Wild mammals in northwestern Libya and the role of rain and temperature in its geographical distribution
مقال في مجلة علمية

This study was conducted on mammals in the western part of the Jafara Plain and on its relationship to environmental factors, such as temperature and rainfall. This study included two parts; the first part is a field study to identify the species of wild mammals in the western part of the Jafara plain and to determine its geographical distribution. The second part of this study included analyzing data of average annual rainfall and average annual temperatures, using the regression equation and the quintile equation for eight urban areas within the region during thirty years, from 1977 to 2006 due to the availability of temperature and precipitation data in this period. The results showed that there are nineteen species of wild mammals in this region belonging to ten families of six orders. The most recorded species belong to the order of rodents (47%) followed by the order of carnivores (26%), then insectivores (10%). Results of environmental changes showed that, the trend in all studied areas was negative and that the amounts of rain were fluctuating, unstable and decreased at a rate between 40 - 125 mm during the thirty years. As for the temperature, it rose during this period between 1.5oC to 2oC. Therefore, it became clear that the change in environmental factors caused an increase in the rate of drought, and this is what threatens the natural vegetation and thus threatens all other organisms, especially wild mammals, which their numbers were few in the driest places on the plain of Jafara. Key words: Mammals, Biodiversity, Temperature, Rain, Libya.

Hamed Basher Bsissa، Mohamed aiysal Ashur، Tarek Basher Jdeidi، (06-2019)، Tripoli University, Libyas: The Libyan Journal of Science (An International Journal):، 22 (1)، 27-44

Post Weld Heat Treatment Qualification of Type 304L Stainless Steel Weld Metal
Conference paper

. The aim of the present paper is focused on post weld heat treatment qualification by

describes the results of an investigation to understand the micro structural changes that taken place in type 304L stainless steel weld deposits as function of temperature / time by showing any presence of re-crystallization and / or strain induced grain boundary migration and the dissolution of any carbide formed at grain boundaries in welding monitored by metallographic examination.

Abdulnaser Hamza Ahmed Fadel, (03-2019), Libya: International Conference on Technical Sciences, 1131-1134

Biomarker Ratios and Stablecarbon Isotopes to Describe Crude Oils Characteristics in the Murzuq Basin (Libya)
Journal Article

This present paper includes a detailed evaluation of specific biomarkers together with stable carbon isotope (δ13C) by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC–MS) and Gas Chromatograph– Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (GC–IR–MS). Eight crude oil samples were collected from the A, B, H (east) and H (west) Fields, located in the Murzuq Basin, Libya. Stable Carbon isotope data (δ13C) together with biomarker ratios data of individual hydrocarbons, n-alkanes, isoprenoids, terpenes, hopanes, steranes and aromatic have been determined in crude oils to delineate their bacterial degradation, source facies, organic matter precursors, depositional conditions and a variation of maturation. Based on source-specific parameters including n-C19 alkane, % C27S, %C28S, %C29S, %C23TT, %C30αβ, %rC28, DBT/P, CPI, Pr/Ph, Ts/Tm, dh 30/h 30, 1 MN, 2 MN, 26-27 DMN, 15 DMN, 236 TMN, 146-135 TMN, 125 TMN, 136 TMN ratios and δ13C‰ of saturates and aromatics fractions. Such oils showed non-biodegradation, n-C19 peak proved oils generated from a Lower Palaeozoic source rocks as emphasizedvian-C19 peak, the dominance of C29steranes

over C27 and C28 with light Carbon isotope ratio (δ13C‰) values. The abundances of isosterane C29, C27, C28.Tricyclohexaprenol and bacteriohopane polyols and aminopolyols, recommended as mixture bioprecursors of tricyclic terpenes and hopanes, furthermore regular sterane ratio gives values characteristic of Lower Palaeozoic marine source rocks and holding green algae and most likely a quantity of contribution from acritarchs. Carbon preference indices (CPIs)>0.9 pointed to an anoxic deposition, dibenzothiophene to phenanthrene (DBT/Prange 0.49 - 0.58) recommend a siliciclastic source rather than carbonate and/or evaporate saline deposition. The ratios of CPIs, pristane/n-C17 and phytane/n-C18, n-alkanes (C16 to C22) against (C23 to C33), Ts/Tm, C30diahopane/C30hopane, methylnaphthalene, dimethyl naphthalene and trimethyl naphthalene indicated that the oils analysed are mature except the B Field oil being slightly less mature than the A, H (east) and H (west) Fields oils

S. Aboglila1*, A. Abdulgader1 , A. Albaghdady1 , O. Hlal1 and E. Farifr1, (03-2019), Advances in Research: Advances in Research, 18 (3), 1-12

التمويل بالمشاركة وأثرها على الاداء المالي للمصارف الاسلامية ( دراسة حالة بنك فيصل السوداني )
مقال في مجلة علمية

هدفت الدراسة الي بيان أثر التمويل بالمشاركة على الاداء المالي للمصارف الاسلامية؛ حيث طبقت هذه الدراسة على بنك فيصل الاسلامس السوداني خلال الفترة الزمنية (2009-2019).

حيث توصلت الدراسة لعدة نتائج من اهمها انه يوجد أثر ذو دلالة إحصائية للتمويل بالمشاركة على نسب السيولة وكذلك على نسب الربحية في بنك فيصل الاسلامي السوداني ووجود اثر ذو دلالة إحصائية للتمويل بالمشاركة على رلحية السهم العادي.

سمير حسين موسي، شرف الدين خليل البي، (03-2019)، طرابلس /ليبيا: دراسات محاسبية، 3 (3)، 265-296

صورة الاسلام في الاعلام الغربي
Journal Article


Almarzouqi Ali AlHadi Almarzouqi, (03-2019), جامعة الزاوية: مجلة كليات التربية, 7 (7), 14-34

الحق في الاضراب بين الاعتراف الدستوري والتقييد القانوني
مقال في مؤتمر علمي

حق في الاضراب الوظيفي بين الاعتراف الدستوري والتقييد القانوني من حيث الاباحة والحظر

مفتاح اغنية محمد اغنية، (02-2019)، الزاوية: مجلة العلوم القانونية والشرعية كلية القانون جامعة الزاوية، 29-66

حماية حقوق المهاجرين القسريين في ضوء دراسة عقود نقلهم
مقال في مجلة علمية

حماية حقوق المهاجرين القسريين في ضوء دراسة عقود عمليهم

فرج سليمان عبدالله حمودة، (01-2019)، قطر: المركز العربي للأبحاث ودراسة السياسات، 1 (2)، 20-40

Effect of Different Organic Matters on Chemical Properties of Calcareous Soil
Journal Article

Series of incubation experiments were conducted to study the effect of three different organic amendments (olive waste, compost and lemon waste) on some chemical properties of calcareous soil. Soil samples were collected from northwestern coast of Egypt (Borg El Arab) from the surface soil (0-30 cm). The samples were then air-dried and then grinded, sieved (2 mm) and analyzed some physical and chemical properties. Samples were used in laboratory experiment, where organic amendments were applied to soil with different rates (0, 0.5 , 1, 1.5 and 2% (w w-1). The prepared pots were incubated for four months at temperature between 23 to 30°C.  After 4, 8, 12 and 16 weeks of the incubation, the soil samples were taken for analysis soil pH, electrical conductivity (EC) and total equivalent calcium carbonate. The results showed that compost, olive waste and lemon waste could change the chemical properties of the calcareous soils. All organic amendments caused an increase in soil EC while they slightly decreased soil pH and CaCO3 content. The compost was showed to have effectivity effect on soil pH comparing to other amendments, while lemon waste and olive waste were showed to have effectivity effect on CaCO3 content after few weeks of application. This can be explained on the basis that the olive waste and lemon waste are less biodegradable than that of compost. Finally, it is concluded that olive waste and or lemon waste can be used in preparing any compost to be more useful.

Mostafa Ali Mohamed Benzaghta, (12-2018), Sirte University Scientific Journal (Applied Sciences): Sirte University, 8 (2), 101-110

القبض كأجراء من الإجراءات الاستثنائية لسلطات الضبط القضائي
مقال في مجلة علمية

      إن الأصل العام في إجراء القبض على المتهم بارتكاب جريمة هو من اختصاص سلطات التحقيق ولكن المشرع خول استثناء مأموري الضبط القضائي هذه السلطة لاعتبارات وضرورات معينة كما ذكرنا سابقاً ، ولكن التوسع في ذلك له آثار سيئة ونتائج وخيمة ، فبحجة التلبس والاشتباه يقبض على الأبرياء وتحرر لهم محاضر بعيدة كل البعد عن الواقع و تدون لهم محاضر كيدية، وتحت شعار الاستيقاف يقبض على الأبرياء ويعذبون في السجون حتى الموت ، بل في بعض الأحيان لا يعرف مصيرهم، وخاصة في وجود المليشيات والأجهزة الأمنية التي تفتقر للخبرة والكفاءة المهنية ، مما يستوجب مساءلتهم حيال الجرائم التي يقترفونها خلال مرحلة التحري والاستدلال ، بل وتعويض المتهم المقبوض عليه جبراً عن الأضرار التي لحقت بهم .

    والقبض ليس الإجراء الوحيد الذي يمس الحرية الشخصية للإنسان بل هناك إجراءات شبيهة به متمثلة في الاستيقاف والتحفظ والتعرض المادي، والاقتياد ، والحبس الاحتياطي ؛ وهذه الإجراءات تختلط بالقبض من حيت المساس بالحرية، دون ثمة ضمانات، لدا يتعين وضع ضابط لإزالة التداخل بين القبض والإجراءات الشبيهة ، كما يتعين أن تكون هناك ضمانات للقبض على المتهم من قبل مأمور الضبط القضائي في مرحلة التحري وجمع الاستدلالات، كما هو موجود في مرحلة التحقيق والمحاكمة وجعل البطلان كجزاء على مخالفة شروط صحة القبض المتخذ قبل المتهم  

عبدالسميع أحمد الطاهر التير، (12-2018)، طرابلس: جامعة أفريقيا المتحدة، 7 (7)، 235-265

Integrating technology in writing and supervising graduation projects
Journal Article

This is an exploratory study aiming at investigating integration of technology in writing and supervising graduation projects in the department of English at the Faculty of Arts/University of Zawia. Two questionnaires were distributed: one to teachers and the other to students to obtain relevant data. The results have shown that most of the teachers and students investigated are not using technology in their graduation project works including writing, editing, correcting, reviewing, sending and receiving these works. The results have also shown that those who integrate technology have very limited knowledge and experience related to the use of computer applications and other technological tools like using email and Windows features. It has also been found that the reasons behind this problem include lack of awareness of the importance and usefulness of using technology, negative attitudes, indifference in addition to other limitations related to the unavailability of internet service and necessary technological equipment. To solve this problem several procedures have been suggested including raising the awareness of both teachers and students of the importance and usefulness of integrating technology, providing educational institutions with the necessary equipment and providing teachers and students with the necessary training to update their knowledge and skills related to the use of computers and other technological tools.  

Albashir Ahmed, (12-2018), مجلة كلية الآداب الزاوية: Zawia University, 0